10 reasons why I love you

For some people, living with an ostomy means living a nightmare. They only see the negative in it: a lack of self-confidence, self-esteem and comfort. At the beginning, I was myself afraid of this little red thing that was coming out of my belly. I was wondering how I could get used to this new life, but over the years, I learned to love Tomie (my ostomy). I realized that little pleasures could be found anywhere and I began to feel good and happy with my body. I’m sharing ten points that allowed me to love my ostomy.

1. When someone asks "Who farted?", I’m not ashamed to say "Not me!"

I love these moments because I know I’m more innocent than anyone else around! The chances that the smells and noises come from my body are almost nil. Even today, my father sometimes asks me as a joke if I’m the one who farted when there is a bad smell around him. Seriously dad...

2. I can poop anywhere...

That's my own definition of freedom. I can poop in my car, in my bed while I’m sleeping, in my bath while I’m relaxing; I’m free to do it anywhere! Unfortunately, it's completely out of my control and I can’t do it when I want to. However, it’s much less unpleasant than the surprising and uncontrollable diarrhea of my Crohn’s.

3. I no longer have to hold in my gas or my need to poop at inappropriate moments.

Have you ever wanted to fart during a first date or in a small elevator filled with people? Having to hold it in when you need to poop is one thing, but having to hold it in with a sick colon is quite another! I feel liberated from these disagreeable moments during which I had to hold my buttocks tight.

4. I can poop in a dirty public toilet without pulling down my pants.

We all have already seen a disgusting toilet which makes us say "I’m never in my life going to sit on this!". Well, at a festival, I emptied my bag in a chemical toilet while standing in front of it. No way I would expose myself to so many germs!

5. I no longer have to drink the liquid needed for colonoscopies.

Nobody will ever ask you to drink four liters of water which taste bad and which is going to give you diarrhea all day and night to make sure your body gets emptied. Just thinking about it again gives me chills. It was a real torture.

6. I won’t have to worry about pooping on the gynecologist while giving birth.

Pooping while giving birth is a widespread phobia for women. Tearing the anus is another one. In addition, as a nurse, I have seen hemorrhoids of all kinds during my internship in the perinatal unit. Well, I can tell you that my anxiety level will be negligible during my future pregnancies knowing that my “exit door” was condemned by a colorectal surgeon.

7. I no longer live under constraints and restrictions.

During a Crohn's disease crisis, I had to stop eating fiber, irritants, dairy products, gluten, sugar and industrial fat. Moreover, I was depriving myself of outings with friends and physical activities because my body was just too tired. With Tomie (my ostomy), I can eat everything I want, except corn, and I’ve started to do sports again.

8. You opened my mind to a whole different world of fashion.

People tend to believe that it’s difficult to get dressed with an ostomy. On the contrary, there are so many alternatives! We just have to do some research on the internet. I’m so proud to collaborate with ANA who understands the importance of creating lovely underwear that suits us.

9. You gave me self-confidence.

I reached this point later in my convalescence. When I accepted my ostomy, I became more self-confident because I stopped having a complex about my little imperfections. At first, I thought that my bag was my biggest flaw and everyone saw it. My big nose, my small breasts and my stretch marks no longer mattered. Then, I stopped perceiving my ostomy as a flaw and my self-confidence developed over the years. Today, when I look in the mirror, I find myself a thousand times more beautiful than before my surgery because I'm no longer ashamed of my body. I love this bag, I love my scar and I love every stretch mark on my skin.

10. I owe you my life.

A simple thank you is enough for this one.


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