I heart my therapist

In our society, even if we talk more and more and more about mental illness, I still get the impression that going to a psychologist is a taboo subject.  Although, for me consulting a psychologist did me so much good and continues even today to help me evolve and live a full life.

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I tried to see a psychologist well before my surgery but I was so sick that I had trouble getting to my appointments. I put everything on hold for several months until I felt a little better.  After my operation and convalescence, I called my psychologist to finally take care of my head and my state of mind.  Because, let’s be real, accepting a stoma takes time and requires that we do some work along the way.  But it isn’t just that, there were also issues of the gaze of others, my return to work, being loved by a partner and lots of other life issues.  She helped me so much to see clearly what I wanted to be, to do and to project to others.  At each session, I learned a bit more about myself.  I started evolving towards becoming the person I want to be.

I still consult my psychologist even today though not as frequently as before but she always helps me to develop and learn, to know myself and to look for motives behind certain behaviours and experiences.  I always leave my sessions a winner.  Being sick, undergoing changes like a stoma, both can lead us into a depression and lots of questions.  It is therefore of inestimable value to consult a professional to help us in our reflections, a neutral person who doesn’t judge and who is there to help.  I challenge you to dare to make an appointment because nowadays it should not be taboo!


Note: Check the Psychology Today website for a listing of licensed professionals in your area.  University faculties of Human Sciences often have training programs where M.A. students offer psychology sessions at affordable rates.

Translated from the original French by Jane Loignon

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