Too often we pay more attention to others' appearance instead of their personality. However, it's only when you break someone's shell that you can discover their inner beauty and create solid bonds with them.

All of this becomes much more evident when you're looking for a partner. Sometimes we focus so much on what our type of man or woman is, but we are all unique and we all have our own ways to be perceived and define ourselves.

If we focus on stereotypes and we look for the perfect man, we need to look for a handsome, brawny and tall man. He needs to be much taller than you, make you feel small when you're in his arms, and he must have a little stubble, because it's more manly.

We care so much about our idea of a perfect partner that we sometimes don't get to know people who aren't our type.

Because I often hear people saying that the person they met isn't their type, I decided to imagine what my perfect man is. It bothered me that my lover didn't fit my type exactly, but I quickly realised how ridiculous it was because I love him as he is. Sometimes you need to really know someone to learn to love them. I have known my boyfriend since childhood, so I can tell you that I have learned to love him. It took me time to see how beautiful he was both outside and inside and how he was my perfect man.

Loving someone means more than just focus on your ideals. To love means being with someone who makes you feel pretty and confident, who accepts both your qualities and your flaws, who makes you want to dream, who helps you grow, who knows what to say to make you feel better and who knows how to make you smile even when you had a bad day.

My type of man believes in myself more than I do. He makes me feel pretty when he looks at me, he listens to me and is always by my side, and above all he makes me feel really small when he holds me in his arms.

I think the most important thing is to feel comfortable with someone. Feel like you are pretty despite your flaws. This played a big role in my self-esteem after getting my stoma.


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