Put on your positive pants!

When we don’t feel good, it’s easy to have negative thoughts and emotions. Good news! It’s perfectly normal, but we have the power to change this.

However, we can’t transform ourselves into a champion of positive emotions by just snapping our fingers. Over time, you must have already realised that your life needs some obstacles! As I'm sure it can work for someone other than me, here is my tip to help you feel better.

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Identify your sources of negativity! What makes you feel negative? It could be as simple as your sweater that has shrunk in the wash. Once you have identified them, you have to open your mind and see how it could bring you something positive, how you could change that source of negativity. In short, transform your bad feelings into something positive. Don’t be discouraged, this is the most difficult part to do and it often takes some time to find. Let me give you an example: during my last hospital stay, unexpected and interminably long, I had time to write this article and that is positive because writing makes me feel good.

Every day, it’s time to start things off right. Like everyone else, I have experienced negative events in my life. However, I decided not to focus on them. Why? Because it gives nothing, absolutely nothing. We’re responsible for our own happiness. Show people what you want them to think of you. Some well-known authors speak about the law of attraction when facing success, well it’s also true with positivism.

I created my own little box of good feelings! You only need 3 things: an empty jar or an old tissue box (I’m sure you can find one), some paper strips and a pencil.

I suggest you write, on every single strip, something that has become positive for you after you experienced a bad event. We need to remember the benefits that came from our misfortunes (illness, surgery, hospital stays, etc.) because we can forget them so quickly. Then, fold the strips and insert them into your magic box. And then, when you feel less than in top shape, pull out a strip! Choose one, or more, and make yourself feel good again, it’s free! Yes, it's a simple little thing, but it makes all the difference for me. I live better, I smile more often, and I often end up thinking I’m privileged. Privileged because I’m living, here and now.

Joannie S.

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