Something that has an influence on who we are, our values and our way to adapt to life experiences is the way we were raised. We’re lucky we have been able to read the stories of our collaborators since the ANA project started. Their experience of illness made them grow.

Unfortunately, some people’s perception of the disease isn’t positive, and it causes them to experience a lot of stress. Sometimes I hear people say that “we learned to be hard on our body, and we worked even though we were in pain or sick. If we wanted something, we had to work hard for it.” These comments are made mostly by older people or people whose work is physically demanding. Those people see being sick as a failure. It’s hard to stomach! And when they’re told that they need to listen to their body, say “no” or relax, they have no idea how to do it.

It’s not something you can learn overnight, and a guide that works for everyone doesn’t exist. You have to be patient with yourself, and ACCEPT things. ACCEPT the fact that you are stressed out, ACCEPT the fact that you have your limits, ACCEPT the fact that you can treat yourself from time to time, and ACCEPT the help of others. Acceptance will always be the first step towards positive change! It’s also important to be able to identify what is causing stress. Is it your disease? Your job? A chronic lack of communication? When you identify it, you need to ACT. TALKING can be a good way to relieve stress. But not everyone is comfortable talking to others and putting their feelings and fears into words. You can only become better if you try and practise. Just like in any sport!

Talking to someone who doesn’t know your story is much more beneficial than you would think. They could make you realize things that you can’t see anymore because you deal with your problem every day. Professionals can help you, especially when life becomes darker and you can’t seem to find solutions to your problems. Don’t forget that the biggest changes can be made during periods of instability and vulnerability. There is always someone you can reach out to. The most important thing is not to stay alone.

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  • Emile Coue – Self mastery through autosuggestion
                ''Everyday in every way,  I am getting better and better''
    Learn it and say it to yourself 5 to 10 times a day. Until your subconscious knows it. It emphasizes the role of positive thinking in self-improvement.
  • Order of Psychologists (Quebec)
    1-800-561-1223  |
  • Quebec National Crisis Line (Suicide)
    Open 24/7
    1-866-APPELLE (277-3553)  |

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