For more than a dozen years, most ostomy product manufacturers have offered support programs for newly ostomized people. Although each one is different, these programs generally provide those who have just undergone an ostomy surgery with personalized telephone support and a limited number of samples in order to help them adapt to this new reality. These programs are free and are often set up in collaboration with the ET nurse (or the ostomy care nurse) in the hospital where the surgery was performed.

As mentioned previously, the ET nurse is often the person who will present these programs, but any newly ostomized person can register in Hollister Secure Start program by themselves simply by communicating with our customer service department. Additionally, you should know that some hospitals cannot offer this service to their patients for organizational reasons. In such cases, signing up for the program on your own is a good option for people recently living with ostomy for the first time.

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Lastly, you should know that these programs are managed in collaboration with ostomy care nurses. Their goal is to provide you with the best support possible after your discharge from the hospital. In some cases, the coordinators of these programs can communicate with your ostomy care nurse if they see that your clinical situation requires it. This interaction between product manufacturers and healthcare professionals fosters a proactive approach, often helping to deal more quickly with any complications that may arise.

Don’t hesitate to discuss these support programs with your region’s ET or ostomy care nurse.

Dany Lamontagne
Business Manager for Quebec, Hollister Limited

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