I wanted to write the reasons why life becomes more beautiful when you have an ostomy. I couldn’t see all of this right after my surgery, but four years later I learn how to live with an ostomy every day, and how to focus on the bright side. Despite all the disadvantages, bowel obstructions and leaks, the stoma brings a lot of advantages in having an ostomy. Here are six reasons why you should consider the ostomy:

1. Say Goodbye to Pain

When I was sick, my stomach always hurt. I was used to the constant pain. And after my surgery, it was all gone! I have a new life where I can enjoy every activity without living in constant pain. Going to the bathroom 10 to 15 times a day is not what living is about.

2. Less Stress Every Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Having experienced Crohn’s disease for 10 years, I can easily tell you that you experience a lot of stress daily, like knowing where the closest washroom is in a public place or wondering if you will be able to watch a movie in its entirety at the movie theatre without having to go to the bathroom. However having an ostomy doesn’t mean you’ll be stress-free; After all, life isn’t a long, quiet river. But it does feel like a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

3. The People You Meet

Ever since I’ve been sick, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people who helped me move on and grow. It’s during tough times that you see who really care about you and accept you the way you are.

Now, here are some funny reasons!

4. Spend Less Time on the Toilet and More Time Doing Activities

Let’s be honest: A lot of people waste too much time on the toilet. Everyone using having to go to the bathroom as an excuse not to wash the dishes won’t be able to do it anymore, because it’s not a good excuse for an ostomate. You should use this new free time to do interesting activities, instead of reading a book or playing Candy Crush on the toilet.

5. You Can Never Be Blamed When Someone Farts

It’s one of the nicest and funniest things for me. You don’t have to justify anything, since that foul smell cannot be coming from you. However, you can still make noise! Your pouch can make fart noises, and when it happens, it’s better to laugh it off.

6. It’s Like Playing “Rrroll Up the Rim” All the Time

Here’s a picture to show you how I empty my pouch when it’s full. Unfortunately I have yet to win a prize, but I hope my luck’ll turn in the near future.

With a lot of humour and self-confidence you can focus on the bright side. Being different is not that bad, it makes you more unique and wonderful.


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