Here and now

If you are reading this article, there is a chance that you have just had the surgery or are going to undergo it soon...

After surgery, there is always a period of recovery, a time during which you must slow down and resume your activities gradually, so it’s important to listen to your body. For many people, this step is a big challenge. Why? Maybe because it's easier to ignore that "little voice" in your head which is telling you that you're tired? In my opinion, the first month following surgery is the most difficult. There is, of course, the period of acceptance and adaptation to the ostomy but there is also the acceptance of this famous "downtime". This period, many people believe they don’t deserve it.

I often "prescribe" to my patients to go outside for a minimum of 5 minutes every day to take a walk to the mailbox or in the forest, or simply to take a breath of fresh air on the balcony. Doing this could help you to ground yourself and determine what is really important to you. Take the time to marvel at nature, to think about what makes you feel good, and what makes you happy at the moment.

During this imposed "pause", as you have more time to think, it’s important to optimize this period and see it in a positive way. Resting is necessary and restorative, as much physically as psychologically. It's interdependent just like the yin and yang. You must find the harmony between both of them! You must also avoid certain pitfalls, such as being overly reflective. Thinking too much could lead you to question yourself unnecessarily or wrongly and make you feel guilty, so you must remember that it’s a question of equilibrium!

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An excellent therapist I know encourages people to live in the "here and now" to help them in focusing on what is really important to them. Try this experiment: answer the following questions: What would make me happy today? What could I change to be happy right now? This examination represents a necessary step to allow the transformation of obstacles into success. Again, everything is a matter of balance so that energy can flow freely.

I spoke of gratitude in my second article on acceptance. I told you how important it is to thank every day, whether it be life, nature, or simply the forces that are bigger than us. I also suggest you introduce yourself to "blessing". For me, blessing groups together the concepts of positive thinking, belief in a divine force, visualization, power of mental strength and more. A simple and fast action that will fill you with peace. In fact, when you bless, you don’t have to predict the outcome of the situation because it will resolve itself easily. For some people, religion is important in their lives, for others it’s spirituality. I believe that we all need to believe in something, whatever this powerful something is! Unfortunately, today's society is much more focused on having than being. Think about it! You have the power to change things!

Here and now, one gesture and one thought at a time!

Anne Marie

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