Stop growing your fear

Fear is like a ball in our stomach which often prevents us from moving forward. Fear sometimes leads us to wonder about whether we should move forward or back.

Really often in my life, I have been terribly afraid. Afraid to be afraid as my father would say. When something is new for me, I’m always apprehensive and hesitant to move forward. Even when it should be one of the most wonderful moments of my life, such as when I was buying my first home, I’m overwhelmed by a feeling of fear. So far, my biggest fear was definitely when I decided to have my surgery. Despite the fact I had gotten a lot of information about the subject and had a good idea of hat was going to happen after the operation, I was terrified. The day of my surgery, I visualized in the mirror where my ostomy was going to be on my body and looked at this body that was going to be changed forever. I was scared and cried until I fell asleep for my operation. Only a few hours following the surgery, I was no longer afraid. As soon as I woke up, the fear had disappeared... I had accepted my decision and I now had to work on self-acceptance, which takes more time.

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I will understand you if you tell me that you’re afraid and hesitant to be operated on even if you have informed yourself on the subject and if everyone tells you that it’s the best thing to do. You’re the only one who knows what is good for you. Over the years, I have realized that no change can occur when we stay in our comfort zone. If you spend your days having pain because of an inflammatory bowel disease which handicaps your life, I understand you’re afraid, but choose your happiness.

Do it for you.


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