Have you had the chance to see the movie "The Theory of Everything"? It's about the life of Stephen Hawking who is coping with the loss of physical capacities due to motor neurone disease. This man is a perfect example of someone who had to learn to live again by redefining his values and finding other sources of happiness. This movie prompted me to think about sources of happiness.

When my disease reached its acute stage, I felt like it was unfair. I felt like the disease was taking life's small pleasures away from me. I felt my choices of activities were restricted, and it made me sad. I would complain all the time, and there are alot of things to complain about when you feel sorry for yourself.

I learned to view this situation in a more positive light with the valuable help of a man : my psychologist. He first told me that ACCEPTANCE is a mighty big word. There are things you can't ACCEPT, you just have to DEAL WITH them. So without saying that I do accept my situation, I can have amazing days where I don't think about it and be okay with how I am. I also got an advice I'll never forget: Life's small pleasures can be found anywhere; we just don't pay enough attention to them. Watch the sun rise, smell flowers, hear waves crashing on the shore, etc. He incited me to use my senses more. He told me to takea minute to pay attention to my sense a few times a day: "Does it smell good? Is the sun shining? Can I hear pleasant sounds?" The first time I tried to do it was when I went to a cafe to do my homework. I could smell the smell of coffee, I could see the sun coming through the windows of the old building, the music was good... It made me smile, because it made me realize that, during every moment of my life, one of my senses makes me feel something pleasant. They are sources of happiness.

At a certain point in the movie "The Theory of Everything", Mr. Hawking is taken to the beach on his wheelchair. He faces the ocean and watches the waves crashing on the shore while the sun sets. Even though he is at an advanced stage of the disease, you can feel this little moment of happiness at home.

The concept of happiness is different for everyone. We just need to find the sources that make us want to live fully, even when they are small.

Stéphanie S. 

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