I choose myself !

I have always wanted to please everyone and give without looking even if it hurts me somehow. Well, it always makes me happy to give but it seems like it’s sometimes just to avoid conflict.

Since the announcement of my illness, I have consulted a psychologist and have done it with a lot of enthusiasm. It has allowed me to evolve as a person so much. I have completely analyzed myself! My way of being, my tendency to keep everything for myself and my trend to keep my frustration in my stomach aren’t all ideal in the case of Crohn’s. In fact, I realize today that I have often let people walk all over me without expressing myself completely. I frequently forgot myself and ended up second.

J - Je me choisis.jpeg

Over the years, I have gradually begun to come out of my shell, express myself, think of myself, basically to choose me first! There is, of course, a way to express oneself. I’m not like a hurricane which sweeps everything out of its path but I’m now able to choose what I agree to take in life and try to get away from what I can’t accept anymore. I advocate empathy rather than pity. I want to be surrounded by honesty, transparency and respect. I will always please others because it’s in my nature and I like it but I won’t do it anymore to my detriment. Now, instead of keeping everything inside, I say what I have to say and, surprisingly, I don’t feel guilty. On the contrary, I feel serene!

The illness and Georges taught me a lot. I can only hope it will go on like this!


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